People often say to me, "I love your work, so how do I buy it? 

What is available? I sell online and from my studio by appointment – I prefer not to use dealers or galleries. I'm a "studio wholesale at source" artist!

What about price? I like buying art too....... and like to know what I'm about to spend if I fall in love with something. I haven't been listing my prices online, but I'm now going to put prices on my website to make it easier for people wanting to buy from afar. I'm regularly selling my works and the prices will be current market prices. I want you to know whether you're a serious art collector or you're buying this painting from money left to you by your grandmother, that the online price is always the same as my current studio price. Often exported works save the 15% GST as zero rated if you qualify and get this sorted with me upfront. Packaging, freight and hanging is extra. 

What about delivery? Its easy. I send paintings around NZ and overseas all the time from here in Arrowtown. I have fixed prices for delivery via "Pack And Send" who package it professionally, and can do insurance too – Ask me about their rates. Please click on my shipping page for prices.  Packaging, freight and hanging is extra. 

What about payment? Usually by direct credit to my bank account before delivery. Commissions are usually 50% up front.

Please email me if you are interested in a series or a work on my website to find out what is currently available, or the commissions that I can do.